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Are more meetings helpful?

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In reading the book recently "Mastering the Rockefeller Habits.."  (image shown on the side here) there are recommendations for lots of meetings! Daily meetings, weekly, monthly etc. What struck me is that the assertion made is that focused, consistent meetings help an organization keep on a rhythm. This speaks to Scrum and other agile methods.

Having meetings at a predictible time, with predictible length and purpose gives teams and organizations a great communication framework. For those of you who have many meetings that last too long, but are not focused, this books has great chapters on getting that focus and rhythm.

The big takeaway for me is that frequent, focused meetings encourage healthy communication. With a daily standup run correctly, the team gets that flow of information, and a forum to bring up issues. Action is then commited to and the person assigned the action gives us an update the next work day. Simple concept, but many organizations do not do this well. How do you think you are doing?

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