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How Do I Determine User Story Value? Part 1

One question I have been struggling with is how do teams determine value for user stories?  Teams sometimes use prioritization to understand the value of a story.  So the higher a story is in the product backlog, it makes sense that the user story is worth more.  But that does not give us a lot of understanding of the value.  Also, this does not ensure that the Product Owner always gets the priority right. 

When looking at value, teams need to understand what works best for the organization.  So while a user story may keep your software at the same feature level as the competition, that might not be the best story to introduce.  There may be other stories that help your organizaiton sell more software, or services, because nobody else offers it.  Without any type of framework or systematic way to determine that value, Product Owners use their gut or talk with stakeholders to understand how those stories help the organization.

Looking at what Arlo Belshee has done with Naked Planning got me thinking about how we might be able to do this at AgileThought.  If you have not checked out the video, Arlo has some great ideas.  I am basing some of this off what Arlo has talked about, but I have not seen anything that spells it out.  In this series of blogs I will attempt to spell out how I think we should implement this in a team.

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